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About Us

Nic Vardanega – Guitarist – Composer

My quartet spent two days recording at Craig Field’s Underwood Studio in July 2014. At all times including before, during and after the session, Craig was nothing but helpful, enthusiastic and focused on making the music sound and feel as good as possible. I’m happy with the results and I would not hesitate recommending Craig and his studio to anyone who would be thinking about capturing their artistic projects in the studio.

Piano Recording

Underwood Studio has a superb 7ft Yamaha S6 Concert Grand Piano, delivered new to the studio in Feb 2017. The S6 is part of Yamaha’s custom hand built series and is at the very forefront of modern piano making. We are very experienced in the art of piano recording. We invite you to visit the studio to experience the piano for yourself.

Location Recording

Underwood Studio can offer the same detail, clarity and precise high definition recording both in the studio and also on location. Orchestral, jazz , ensemble, choir , concerts of any kind. We can work with you to help find a location if required and to achieve the very best results.

Alan Griffiths – Composer

Craig Field is not only a very gifted and successful musician in his own right, but he also possesses an extraordinary talent and patience beyond what one would expect in his profession. His generosity of spirit going out of his way to advise me well before I commissioned his services to mix my debut album Introspection left a deep impression on me.
After mixing my album I then hired Craig to record live on location concert pianist Evgeny Ukhanov, playing 1 of only 6 Stuart pianos in the world with a 102-key range, and am blown away with the results. Although a difficult gig due to its location, I found Craig's consummate professionalism, his demeanour and sharp wit, a joy to work with. I knew I was in good hands. I was able to relax and concentrate on the playing, rather than worry about the technical aspects of recording.
The results are outstanding and beyond what I imagined is possible. No challenge is too great for Craig. He has the ability to tease out every nuance possible when recording either live on location or in his very well equipped studio. I have no hesitation in recommending anyone who is after a high end professional product and have already recommended his services to professional musicians in recording, mixing and mastering their project.

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Gary DaleyMusician

“Craig Field ticks many boxes when it comes to good studio engineering. He has a wealth of experience, great gear and knows how to get exceptional results. He listens and is prepared to go the extra mile when it comes to making artists feel at home. Underwood is a little gem of a recording studio, situated in a beautiful environment in the Blue Mountains. Highly recommended.”

James Paul composer/choral conductor

“Craig has recorded to date a number of my orchestrations and they sound fantastic. The recordings were warm and intimate. It is a truly beautiful space and Craig is a very accomplished producer and engineer- a real gem of a studio.”

Justen Stoodleyprofessional musician, band leader

“I’m thoroughly impressed. The studio is fantastic. Well laid out, lovely gear (both vintage and modern), all with a ‘mountains atmosphere’ that I’m sure will enhance any recording project. Craig is not only very easy to get along with (very important for any successful outcome) but has years of experience from which to draw, both as an engineer and musician. I’m very happy to have worked with Craig on about five large session projects to date and can highly recommend the studio.”

Daniel Pliner

“It was a pleasure recording at Underwood studios, both for the excellent sound quality which Craig achieves as well as the really good atmosphere for making music. Thank you!”

James Forbes

“Music engineering is often cold and technical and many other studios use an inordinate number of effects to make a song sound impressive. When I recorded with Craig on Ocean Leave’s album, Craig captured the character of each song, without taming it. Craig was warm and professional. His passion for his work was evident. I look forward to working with him again”

Neill Duncan

“I have worked with Craig Field at Underwood Studios a number of times. It is a lovely room to play and record in. The studio has a great combination of analogue and digital equipment which in combination with the excellent range of microphones and gear, records beautifully. I have mastered two full albums there and was very happy with the results. Craig is great to work with as he creates a friendly and relaxed environment. He has a good knowledge of the equipment and a good ear which makes him a fine engineer, and his musical skills also add to him being a very creative producer.”

Daniel Weltlinger

“Big pleasure recording at Underwood Studios. My friend Neill Duncan is always spot on with recommendations which is how The Asthmatic ended up recording with Craig at the studio snuck in the woods in Wentworth Falls. Beautiful warm sounds, top quality gear and a totally easygoing friendly atmosphere made our job a joy! Wonderful studio.”

Bat Hazardhttp://www.bathazard.com/

“Underwood Studios mastered our debut EP, and not only did they deliver to a tight deadline, but they brought a warmth and depth of sound to the recordings that we could not attain in the mixing process. Thank you Craig for lending your magic ear to our EP.”

Cath Golden Double Bassist

“Recording at Underwood Studios was professional yet stress-free. Craig’s sense of humour kept everyone in good spirits throughout the long recording process. The mixes we heard back throughout the day demonstrated keen musical insight. He did a great job on the session.”

Bruce MathiskeGuitarist

“I recorded my piece for classical guitar and quintet at Underwood Studio. Recording at the studio was a genuine pleasure. Craig’s professionalism, enthusiasm, and calm energy helped make the session both easy and rewarding.”

Tim DickinsonManager/Musician Classic Strings

“There is a really friendly vibe at Underwood Studio which allowed us to focus on our performance. Craig was very accommodating of our needs and acted professionally. It is obvious that he is dedicated to his work at the studio. Our recordings where superb.”

Student Audition Audio and Video Recordings

We offer a simple complete package including split screen video footage of performance and high resolution audio recording. Edited, synchronized, labelled and supplied in all multi file formats which can be sent direct to College’s and Universities. We can offer suitable accompanists in all instruments.

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